You Deserve An Expert - Salt Lake County residents and property owners deserve a legal expert protecting their sacred asset as their county recorder. Erin Preston, BYU Law graduate, spent 3 years investigating and prosecuting financial crimes against Utah citizens for the SEC.    read more

Great-Grandma's Example - My Great-Grandma Mattie Givens was left alone to raise 4 sons in the Idaho desert, and yet she built a commercial hot spring, hotel, school, and community starting in the 1880's. Back then a woman could not own property in her own name. But property ownership is fundamental to the stability of families and businesses.    read more

About Erin

Erin learned the value of hard work in Southwest Idaho, growing up in a farming, ranching, and construction family.

After attending BYU on a scholarship, Erin clerked in Washington D.C. where she interacted with the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain. She then graduated from BYU Law School , and has raised her five children in Salt Lake County.

She served at the SEC to protect Utah families, and has had a successful career in education. In 2014, she formed a legal practice specializing in property rights, land transactions, encumbrances, and fighting off predatory companies.

Her legal background and wide experience makes her uniquely qualified to be your Salt Lake County Recorder.   read more

Erin's Corner

Where were you on March 18th?   I was home with my family as we were processing the gathering storm of health, business, education and legal issues like dark clouds on the horizon.  As I thought about the most critical issues we could face as a society, one of the first was the need for people to feel secure in their home ownership. 

So the next day, I registered to run for the Salt Lake County Recorder position.  Why?  My concern that the gathering storm of issues our country faced could jeopardize the security of our property rights, particularly in our county – my home.

Over the past 5 months I have spoken with property owners and others impacted by issues that can be traced back to the SL County Recorder’s Office. 

Some have involved issues home owner’s difficulty searching for their property records.  Some have dealt with filings made against their property they never knew about, but are too late to easily challenge now.  Others have dealt with inaccurate records filed that intentionally or unintentionally jeopardize their property. 

So over the past 5 months my initial concerns have only increased.   I am convinced that we need to make changes to the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office to property records transparent, searchable and accurate.  That is why I am running for the position of SL County Recorder.  

Join The Team

Erin Preston is experienced in administration, property rights, legislation, education, and legal cases,  She is a strong advocate for fair play and due process, and defends the vulnerable against overreach by predatory organizations and individuals.

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