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Erin in the News

Salt Lake Tribune - Robert Kirby Column - 10/13/2020
"Conscientiously speaking, I have no idea why anyone would want to run for public office. My neighbor across the street — whom I shall refer to only as Erin Preston — is running for Salt Lake County recorder…
"I didn’t know Erin was running for public office (or was even musically inclined) until I saw a campaign sign in her yard one morning. I immediately lent her my support by trying to save her from herself.
Me • "Are you out of your damn mind?" Her • "I had to do something."
"We engaged in serious political discourse. Whereas I held the view that the phrase “had to do something” normally involved a gun held to your head, she argued strongly that the collective good was at stake and she felt the need to get involved…
"That is about as much sense as any election will have this year. Nevertheless, I’ll still vote. It’s something I have to do."     read article

Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake County Recorder Touts Transparency, but her Opponent says it’s Lacking
The recorder needs to do a better job making documents searchable and viewable online for free. In Summit, Utah and Washington counties, viewing is free and easy online. "More importantly, they can help a property owner detect title fraud, Preston said, a type of identity theft where someone illegally transfers a deed or borrows against the property. This is an area where fraud would be easy to accomplish because of the lack of transparency’s equity."     read more

Washington Post - Utah Women were the First to Vote -  (Erin Preston pictured above).   Only after women gained the right were they able to gain additional rights we have long taken for granted. One of the first and most important was the right for a woman to own property in her own name. Previously, the vast majority of women in the nation could only own property through their husbands. This made them dependent on their husbands for their homes and possessions, as both were the property of the husband to do with as they chose. Only after gaining the right to own and control their own property could women achieve the security, for them and their families, we take for granted today.   read more


"Erin Preston is a true public servant. She is an excellent communicator, an experienced legal advocate for the vulnerable, and is transparent and principled in how and why she makes her decisions. Join me in voting for Erin Preston for Salt Lake County Recorder."
      — Mitt Romney
      United States Senator

"I am blown away by the depth and breadth of Erin's knowledge. She knows about budgets, education, crisis management, business, marketing, public relations, communication, the legislative process and most of all, she really knows our county! She has my full support!."
      — Sue Duckworth
      Utah House of Representatives
"Hi Salt Lake County friends, I’d like to introduce you to Erin Preston. She is an accomplished attorney and wonderful person. She is running for Salt Lake County recorder and would do a phenomenal job. After the last year+ of hearing from current and former employees in the office, attorneys, title folks, and other county employees it’s really time for a change in that office."
      — Adam Gardiner
      former Salt Lake County Recorder

"Erin Preston is a true public servant. She is an excellent communicator, an effective advocate, and is transparent in how and why she makes her decisions. As a long-time resident of Salt Lake County, she has deep roots here and knows what makes our county so uniquely special. She will do a fantastic job representing us at the county level as the County Recorder."
      — Sophia Dicaro
      former Utah House of Representatives
"I am so excited that my amazing friend, Erin Preston, is running for SL County Recorder! She is one of the kindest, caring supportive, and driven women that I am lucky to know!"
      — Corey Thomas
      South Salt Lake City Council Member
"I am so honored to know Erin Preston and to wholeheartedly endorse her for Salt Lake County Recorder.  Not only has Erin long been an advocate of transparency and honesty, in both the public and private sectors, but she has remained stalwart and strong when others have shown a lack of ethics.  In this and any role Erin pursues, she will bring renewed energy, thoughtful solutions, visionary ideas and most importantly, a citizens-first attitude.  YES, I'm voting for Erin Preston."
      — Nicole Martin
      Marketing Communications Manager at Provo City Government
"The year I became your council member, when everything was still strange and new for me, Bryan Thatcher was the Fire Marshal for Draper City. I didn’t know him, but he went out of his way to make me feel welcome. He told me then that he appreciated strong and smart women who stepped up. He encouraged me to ask the harder questions on difficult, divisive projects at council meetings. He helped me feel more brave, and in turn I did a better job representing our community.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Bryan was married to an amazing woman, and he knew all about strong and smart because he lived with her. On June 30th, 2018, six months after I was sworn in, Bryan died of a massive heart attack in his kitchen. He was 44 years old.

It was only then that I met Erin Preston, Bryan’s wife, a force all of her own as an attorney, a community leader in the battle against youth suicide, and the former superintendent at Providence Hall. She came to our next council meeting and spoke with grace and dignity, acknowledging our Fire Chief for the ongoing support he had shown to her during her time of grief, thanking our community for the love they had given to her family and our Mayor and Council for the respect and honor Draper City lent to Bryan’s legacy. I have rarely seen that kind of personal strength, grace, and deep dignity.

Now Erin is ready for a new chapter. She is ready to honor Bryan and our community again, this time by running for County Recorder.

Erin will bring more transparency and access to the office of county recorder, making property records easily accessible to all Salt Lake County residents. She plans to modernize the recorder’s office by enabling online access to property information, both for those filing records and those accessing records. Erin’s goal is to provide a long overdue overhaul of the antiquated records systems home-owners now have to navigate, and instead put the power and knowledge back into the hands of residents and property owners, saving taxpayers time, hassle and access to records they are already paying taxpayer funds to the Recorder’s Office to provide, and do so without the tedious trip into the county offices.

I’m honored to count Erin Preston as one of my friends these days. I’m stronger for her presence in my life. She is everything you would expect her to be, from knowing the kind of man her husband was, full of wisdom, good humor, incredible intelligence, and integrity- all things we need more of. I’m proud to endorse Erin Preston for Salt Lake County Recorder. "
      — Tasha Lowery
      Draper City Council

"My friend, Erin Preston, will be good for Salt Lake County. We need more women like her in office. Women who are not afraid to speak up and get things done."
      — Christine Stenquist
"Erin Preston is the kind of leader we need right now in Salt Lake County. I am voting for her to protect my property rights and I hope you will too."
      — Jeff Stenquist
      Former Draper City Counsel

Erin's Background

You Deserve An Expert - Salt Lake County residents and property owners deserve a legal expert protecting their sacred asset as their county recorder. Erin Preston, BYU Law graduate, spent 3 years investigating and prosecuting financial crimes against Utah citizens for the SEC.    read more

Great-Grandma's Example - My Great-Grandma Mattie Givens was left alone to raise 4 sons in the Idaho desert, and yet she built a commercial hot spring, hotel, school, and community starting in the 1880's. Back then a woman could not own property in her own name. But property ownership is fundamental to the stability of families and businesses.    read more

About Erin

Erin learned the value of hard work in Southwest Idaho, growing up in a farming, ranching, and construction family.

After attending BYU on a scholarship, Erin clerked in Washington D.C. where she interacted with the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain. She then graduated from BYU Law School , and has raised her five children in Salt Lake County.

She served at the SEC to protect Utah families, and has had a successful career in education. In 2014, she formed a legal practice specializing in property rights, land transactions, encumbrances, and fighting off predatory companies.

Her legal background and wide experience makes her uniquely qualified to be your Salt Lake County Recorder.   read more

Erin's Corner

Where were you on March 18th?   I was home with my family as we were processing the gathering storm of health, business, education and legal issues like dark clouds on the horizon.  As I thought about the most critical issues we could face as a society, one of the first was the need for people to feel secure in their home ownership. 

So the next day, I registered to run for the Salt Lake County Recorder position.  Why?  My concern that the gathering storm of issues our country faced could jeopardize the security of our property rights, particularly in Salt Lake County – my home of 25 years.

Over the past 5 months I have spoken with property owners and others impacted by issues that can be traced back to the SL County Recorder’s Office. 

Some have involved issues home owner’s difficulty searching for their property records.  Some have dealt with filings made against their property they never knew about, but are too late to easily challenge now.  Others have dealt with inaccurate records filed that intentionally or unintentionally jeopardize their property. 

So over the past 5 months my initial concerns have only increased.   I am convinced that we need to make changes to the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office to property records transparent, searchable and accurate.  That is why I am running for the position of SL County Recorder.  

Join The Team

Erin Preston is experienced in administration, property rights, legislation, education, and legal cases,  She is a strong advocate for fair play and due process, and defends the vulnerable against overreach by predatory organizations and individuals.

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